Between 2001 and 2011 Britain has experienced a 13.9% rise in household consumption expenditure on food and non-alcoholic drinks, according to statistics in a Packaging report carried out by EUROPEN. Therefore, with an ageing population and trend towards smaller households people are buying more packaged goods.

How products are packaged can help brands establish themselves, if a product looks enticing enough then people will be drawn towards perhaps buying that packet of biscuits, or even a medical product. Packaging automatically gives a product a sense of quality not just in its aesthetics, but also in its freshness as well as being extremely hygienic.

GSP UK are Flow Wrap Machine specialists who provide flow wrapping machines that will help revolutionise your business. Since 2002 they have built up their company and developed a strong, credible reputation in the packaging machine industry around the UK and Ireland.

All of their machines are engineered in their Italian factory and no machine leaves without thousands of quality checks. GSP UK can also ensure that the machine works with your product and is custom made to suit your business.

There are many industries and goods that can benefit from flow wrapping machinery, including  food or non-food produce, medical and print and marketing. As we live in a highly commercial age, flow wrapping packaging will help set your product apart and make it easier to sell to the general public.

GSP UK offer a tailor-made system, with installation and even training for your staff in how to operate the flow wrap and packaging machines. There is a 24 hour maintenance and repair service, and they provide spare and replacement machine parts.

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