Modern construction has been geared towards the sustainable for a while now thanks to raised government awareness of the issue. The need for more environmentally conscious construction has led to some fantastic innovations in the industry that are improving the state of new builds all the time. For example, most new build houses come with certain sustainable features that reduce the overall cost of living, such as double glazed windows and heated floors that lead to less consumption of gas to heat the home.

Of course, not all of us live in new build homes. The majority of people live in older buildings that haven’t been built with these same beneficial features, meaning that our homes are more wasteful. A house with single glazing windows will not be as effective as keeping in the heat as double or triple glazing will. As a result, these older homes are less efficient when it comes to saving energy. There are now government initiatives and programs in the place to help make these older homes more energy efficient and even out the playing field; after all, it’s hardly fair that someone should have to pay more for their bills because of less innovative construction.

Sustainable insulation is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make your home more environmentally friendly and is now one of the key components of environmental building design. This is largely because insulation has such fantastic long term prospects for the home, with good guaranteed to last around 40 years. It’s appealing for the simple fact that you only have to pay once for the process, and you will end up earning the money spent back several times over as the years go by. Not only that, but it makes life more comfortable. Insulation will not only keep your home warm in winter, but cool in the summer time too. So what king of insulation is available?

One of the most popular choices is loft insulation. A home that lacks insulation in this area will lose a quarter of its overall heat through the roof, but insulated your home will effectively eliminate that issue, preventing you from wasting that precious energy and thereby saving money on your gas bill. Look into breathable insulation to see if you can get your own loft sorted out. Breathable materials have the benefit of keeping your home’s temperature regular whilst allowing air, moisture and odours to pass from indoors to outside.

Then there’s wall insulation. A third of all heat in the home is lost through the walls, and this is a problem that gets worse in the winter. Heat spreads to cold areas, so if it’s cold outside then you’ll lose the heat in your home much faster. Most houses built after a certain time, in this case 1990, already have insulated walls so this might not be an issue for you, but if you do live in a house that was constructed before then it’s definitely worth considering. Acara Concepts specialises in natural insulation products so you can rest assured that your own insulation is both sustainable and environmentally friendly, such as Lignotrend. Nowadays, ensuring the most ethical practices and results is a sure fire way to succeed in the more sophisticated world of construction. Visit to find out more.