Month: February 2016

Leasing Mercedes in the South East

If your business requires lease vehicles in the South-East of England then Sandown Lease is perfect for professional and friendly business car leasing. Sandown understand that travel is a unique but compulsory part of many businesses, and as first impressions count, they want to help you get the best package for you and your company. Sandown Lease have six dealerships throughout Dorset, Hampshire and Surrey to ensure that your business, no matter how small or large can always carry on smoothly. For car leasing that is economical, suitable and affordable, there are bespoke packages on offer for all customers. With over 30 years working with Mercedes-Benz, Sandown is a first choice car leasing company offering cars, new or old, for every occasion. At Sandown they know that whilst you have your business to run you don’t need to waste too much of your time looking for a lease car, and therefore promise to ensure that as soon as they know what you’re looking for, their expert fleet team will do the leg work for you. Mercedes-Benz cars are not what you could describe as ‘ordinary cars’, and Sandown Lease was created to ensure that no matter what model, colour or style you choose, you will be expertly taken through each step before you lease a car, giving you full confidence in any agreement you make with the group. In...

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City Auto Locksmiths Now Offer Mercedes Car Key Services

City Auto Locksmiths are pleased to announce that they are now able to offer complete key services for the prestigious Mercedes range of cars. Sydney, NSW, Australia, February 28, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ – Mr Zach Assi, owner of City Auto Locksmiths said, “We are proud to be awarded by Mercedes the right to supply replacement keys and related items for their full range of vehicles. This is a great endorsement of the integrity we have in the auto locksmith industry.” City Auto Locksmiths make the following comments regarding the loss of your car keys: The key for newer makes and models of cars often form part of the vehicle’s security system. If you lose the key to some models you may have to get the system re-coded. Cars are sold with two master keys, the master key operates everything in your vehicle, and is programmed for your car. If you lose your master key and you don’t have a spare, you may need to replace the body control module or at least have it reprogrammed. If your keys are stolen, it is possible that the thief could come back and steal your vehicle. It would be prudent, for peace of mind, to reprogram or even replace your vehicle’s body control module to ensure the thief is not able to use the key again. Mr Assi said, “We have all had...

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Speedticketbeaters Has Best Record Beating Speeding Tickets

February 24, 2016: has been in the business of providing U.S. based customers, defenses they can’t take with them to court, to eliminate their speeding tickets, since 2004. It’s a niche industry, or at least it was in 2004 when Speedticketbeaters started. But over the years, many imitators have popped up, trying to replicate very successful business model. A spokeswoman told us: “Our competitors have tried to do what we do, but they cannot. The best any of them do is throw some poorly constructed e-book up online, and ask customers to pay to download it, and figure out a defense after reading.” The spokeswoman went on to say: “A defense a laymen has to cobble together themselves, after reading a lot of legal mumbo jumbo, doesn’t ever work. Our company works hard at creating custom made, complete defenses, already set to us, for a particular ticket that comes in. We work harder for the customer, and our winning results make us worth the money.” must be doing something right. We found no record of any losses, by customers using their material, in many states, in the more than 12 years that they have now been in business. And the amount of time they have been in business alone, is to some degree, proof of their success. The company spokeswoman added: “We get so many...

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February 24, 2016: provides speeding ticket defense to people all over the USA, since 2004. There are many states Speedticketbeaterssays it knows of no losses any customer has suffered using one its defense plans, and Alaska is one of the places it has yet to hear of a loss. A representative of Speedticketbeaterstold us: “There’s many places we’ve never heard of one of our customers losing a case in, and Alaska seems to be one of those places” The spokeswoman went on to say: “Admittedly, Alaska is not our busiest state. That would probably be California. But we get more than enough clients coming to us with tickets from Alaska that we would likely know if we had lost any of the cases by now. We’ve handled probably hundreds of Alaska tickets over the years.” has been preparing speeding defenses for customers, since 2004. They offer a completely free consultation to anyone who emails them about a current speeding ticket, anyplace in the USA. About ‘ is a website that helps clients with speeding ticket defenses in any of the 50 states of USA. For Media Contact: Address: 15111 North Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, USA Website:

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Speedticketbeaters Says Beating Alabama Tickets is Easy

February 24, 2016: has been in the business of providing beating speeding tickets all over the USA, since 2004. The staff at Speedticketbeaters told us that in spite of it not being one of the more populated states in the country; Alabama writes an awful lot of speeding tickets. A spokesperson told us: “We automatically get lots of people coming to us with tickets in California or Texas, because they are big states, with lots of people. But it’s always a little strange when a smaller state like Alabama, causes a lot of business to come our way too”. The spokeswoman went on to say: “Fortunately we’re experts in all 50 states, and Alabama, just like the rest of them, are easy to beat in court, if you say the right things, and give the judge the right paperwork. We provide customers everything they need to walk away from any speeding ticket in Alabama, or anyplace else”. Speedticketbeaters.comhas been doing defense preparation for regular people, who’ve got speeding tickets, since 2004. And their track record includes hundreds of Alabama tickets. About ‘ is a website that helps clients with speeding ticket defenses in any of the 50 states of USA. They provide a free consultation to any customer who emails them with a current speeding ticket. For Media Contact: Address: 15111 North Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona,...

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