Month: October 2015

Stella and Dot, an Entrepreneurial Opportunity for all Women

My team and I are taking at stall at the Living North Christmas Fair and I was wondering if it was possible to get an editorial feature in your magazine, not to advertise our amazing Stella and Dot jewellery and accessories but to show how Stella and Dot, and it’s Founder Jessica Herrin has re-invented entrepreneurship for women. This article was published in Sunday Times Style magazine last year More recently Jessica has been interviewed on SKY News and you can find out more about just how huge this movement is by checking out this youtube link. I am a local Independent Stella and Dot stylist and would love to share my story or the Stella and Dot story, I think it would work for your magazine as the opportunity to do what I do is open to every woman no matter what experience, age or status, plus it involves fashion, glamour, lifestyle and happiness, plus the brand is not that well known up here yet.  Our mission is to give every woman the means to style her own life, financial independence at her fingertips, whether it be part-time enthusiast or full-time breadwinner. Do you think this is something Living North would consider? I’m thinking for the Autumn when people may be thinking of supplementing their income in the run up to Christmas plus it would coincide with out new Autumn Collection? Funnily...

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North East Sheets and Panels – The Benefits of Mistral Worktops

North East Sheets & Panels (NESP) are leading premium manufacturers and suppliers of doors, panels, worktops and components to manufacturers and installers from the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom industries. NESP were established in 1998 and are a family run business who strive on quality and value, exceeding their customers’ needs and requirements. NESP partner with many quality brands including Mistral, Blum and Finsa, whilst also offering their own cut and edged service. NESP are the leading Mistral worktop distributor in the North of England. There are many benefits to choosing Mistral worktops for your customers, whether it be for their kitchen, bathroom or for a commercial area such as laboratories. The worktops are made up of 25mm thick solid surface, making them compatible even with Belfast sinks. Further to this, the surface is non-porous, meaning when it’s installed in bathrooms, no moisture or bacteria is collected, making it a very durable and hygienic choice for any home or commercial environment. The Mistral solid surface worktop is easy to maintain with any standard household cleaner able to clean away any marks, for the tougher scuff marks the Mistral Care and Maintenance Kit is also available from NESP. An added bonus to the Mistral worktops are they are chemical, UV and stain resistant. The excellent UV stability makes the surface resistant to fading and discolouration overtime, making it the perfect choice...

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Clifton Chiropractic Clinic Uses Footlevelers Digital Scanner to Assess Plantar Fasciitis

Clifton Chiropractic Clinic is pleased to announce they are now using Footlevelers Digital Scanner to help assess patients who have been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis by their General Practitioners. Plantar fasciitis typically affects one in 10 individuals between the ages of 40 and 60. It affects more women than men but can occur in anyone of any age. Hugh Hurst, owner of Clifton Chiropractic Clinic, stated, “We aim to provide the highest quality chiropractic care to the people of Bristol and the surrounding area. We are confident that we have the best equipped clinic and the most highly trained staff to care for your health concerns.” The qualified doctors of chiropractic at Clifton Chiropractic Clinic can assess and treat the biomechanics of the foot joints to provide relief from the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis. Patients who are diagnosed with this condition often report foot pain that begins in the heel and radiates forward as much as four centimeters. This pain is often worse during the morning hours. With the help of the digital scanner, their chiropractors can determine whether patients can benefit from better arch support via an orthotic or any other type of treatment. The digital scanner will assess foot arch height, weight bearing differences between the feet and exact foot posture. This allows the professionals at Clifton Chiropractic Clinic to order custom-made orthotics from the United States...

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The Best Online Sweet Shop – Halloween Treats Available From Bah Humbugs

On the 31st October of every year a special event takes place, more so on the evening. This event known as Halloween is celebrated across multiple countries with many people and children choosing to participate in this fun event by dressing up in costumes and going from door-to-door (commonly known as trick or treating in the UK) to get sweets. Sometimes when you live in a lively and popular area, you have people constantly knocking on your door, meaning you’ll need many sweets to keep all the fancy-dressed children happy. Bah Humbugs are an online retro sweet shop, also with a store in based in Masham in North Yorkshire. They sell a range of sweet hampers and buckets which are full of a range of tasty treats. The Retro sweet hamper is an ideal choice as it contains over 1kg of sweets allowing your Halloween guests to have an extended choice of sweets they would prefer. Inside the popular sweet hamper, which has been featured in BBC Good Food, Marie Claire and the Daily Mail, are treats from the 1970’s and 1980s, including Candy Necklaces, Rainbow Drops, Refreshers and Double Dip. Another great choice are the decade sweet hampers, with a choice of favourites from the 50s, 60, 70s sweets and 80s. The buckets include 1.5kg worth of sweets from your chosen decade, although the sweets vary per bucket...

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Lawdit Solicitors Launches New Website

Lawdit Solicitors is pleased to announce they have recently launched a newly designed website in order to better serve their customers. This new website will also be supported by three other websites: Stay Legal, Protect Your Design and LawditMusic. The new website features attractive colors and a sleek design that will help them attract clients and provide them with the level of service they require. The homepage features free downloads, the latest news feed and more, giving clients the opportunity to learn more about their services before making an inquiry. Lawdit Solicitors was established in 2001 by Michael Coyle. It has grown into a leading IP and IT law firm with a primary office in London, as well as additional branches in Spain and Italy. The law firm specializes in IP and IT legal cases, as well as commercial law, giving their clients the representation they require. Their solicitors offer more than 20 years of experience in the field so their clients can count on their expert advice to help them overcome t heir legal issues. Anyone interested in learning about the services provided through the new website can find out more by visiting the Lawdit Solicitors website or by calling 0800 862 0157. About Lawdit Solicitors: Lawdit Solicitors is a London legal firm dedicated to providing IP and IT legal services, as well as commercial law services. Their...

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