Month: December 2014

Top 5 Great Corporate Christmas Gifts for 2014

Christmas is almost here and businesses all across the country will be making preparations. Corporate gift giving has become more and more popular over the years and this year is set to be the best yet, but it’s also the case that many businesses are wondering just what their gifts are going to be this year. There’s a huge amount of choice out there and everyone’s tastes are different; do you offer a bonus, set on a party for everyone, or really push the boat out and give your employees a gift to reward them for all of their hard work in the year prior. Don’t worry too much; in the world of shopping there’s a huge amount of crowd pleasers that will be guaranteed to have everyone smiling this Christmas. Here are the top 5 best corporate Christmas gifts for 2014. Deluxe Gift Baskets A deluxe gift basket is in many ways an ideal gift for corporations to bestow upon its employees. Why? One word: Diversity. A gift basket can contain whatever you so choose, from a variety of bath and shower products to the best quality food and drink. This sort of flexibility means that you can create a variety of gift baskets to suit all of your employees’ and their personal tastes and preferences. Portable Organisers Sometimes the best gifts we receive during the holidays are...

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner now, but that doesn’t mean that people still aren’t looking for last minute gift ideas. Buying presents for all your friends and family can be a delight but it can also be a bit of a nightmare, especially if you have someone to buy for and no idea what to get them. Everyone has that one person that seems to have everything and it can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress and worrying. With the holiday so close, it’s time to stop panicking and remember that you still have plenty of choices. It’s important to remember that Christmas is a time for togetherness and goodwill; the presents are a nice bonus but they’re not the be all and end all of the holiday either. Sometimes all you need to do is put a little bit of thought into what you’re doing and think outside of the box. You don’t always have to break the bank to find a present that the person you care about will love; they’ll appreciate the effort no matter what. Nostalgia is the latest trend to sweep the gift industry, and with good reason. Every generation gets to a point where they become nostalgic for things in their past; this is precisely why we’ve been seeing so many toys and cartoons from the 80s being revived over the...

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Get involved in the Guardian and Observer Christmas Appeal

Each Christmas there is a concentrated effort to raise awareness for specific issues effecting people all across the country. This year, the Guardian and Observer Christmas Appeal will aim to raise money for nine UK charities, all of which specialise in awareness and resources for mental health. The appeal has a wide range and encompasses nationwide charities along with smaller local groups. It’s been acknowledged that there are still several failings in the health industry when it comes to tackling mental health issues, from damagingly pervasive stereotypes to a worrying lack of resources and services for people suffering from mental illness. The appeal will be promoting awareness for the following charities: Centre for Mental Health – an independent national charity that focuses on research, changes in policy and the provision of services for people of all ages that are experiencing mental health difficulties. CoolTan Arts – Focuses on art and improving mental wellbeing through creativity. Offers workshops, advocacy training and a variety of creative projects. Gardening Leave – This charity aims to help armed forces veterans combat their mental health issues through horticulture and gardening. Kidstime Foundation – A charity that supports children and young people acting as carers to mentally ill parents and siblings and children affected by their parent or sibling’s mental illness. MAC-UK – This charity works on eroding the stigma surrounding mental health in young...

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