Getting the Body You Want Faster

You can’t fight against nature and you can’t change it, but you can certainly give it a bit of a boost, especially when it comes to your own body. We’re always looking for new (and let’s face it, quick) ways to lose weight, tone up and get in shape and the sad fact of the matter is that that often just won’t work. How many people have bought into the latest products that claim they can help you shed a stone in a week?

The key is to finding solutions that actually yield positive results and sticking with them. While there is no real way to get in shape quickly as it takes a great deal of dedication and effort, there are things that you can do to make things go a little quicker for you.

Change Things Up

Every two weeks, make sure you incorporate something new into your workout routine, such as swapping out your morning jog for a 30 minute swim instead. By diversifying the exercise you do, your body takes longer to plateau. When the body plateaus, you’ll stop seeing the results that you’ve come to expect from earlier efforts. This can lead you to feel like you’ve just been wasting your time and increases your chances of giving up.

So switch up your exercises, take more rest between sets, increase your weights or just take a rest when you need it. This is the way to make sure that you’re constantly changing things up to keep building momentum.

Keep Yourself Fuelled

Eating the right foods is key to losing weight and getting toned up. Your body is like a car that needs fuel to run; if you don’t keep its levels topped up then it breaks down. It’s the same with your body; to properly exercise and see some real results within good time, then you need to make sure you eat regularly, ideally before and after a workout.

After a workout your body has lost many vital nutrients, and if you don’t replenish them then your recovery time is delayed and your body will suffer for it. While you can be flexible


Supplements aren’t to be used as a replacement for food, but they can be useful for people that are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of food intake they need daily to keep up with their workout. There are plenty of reputable sports supplement powders from suppliers like SS Health Foods, from body supreme diet whey protein tomuscle gain supplements.

Many bodybuilders find that supplements come in the most useful when it comes to fuelling up before and after the workout, as you can mix them up in Met-rx shakers and drink them down quickly and with ease.


The saying ‘no pain, no gain’ might be famous, but actually you’re more likely to see great bodybuilding results if you take time out to rest and fully recharge your body after a workout. It can be tempting to really push yourself to the limit simply because you want to see some results, but in the end that’s only going to do more harm than good.

Exercising is essentially the act of breaking down your body. Rest is needed so that your body can build back up again; if you don’t, all you’ll do is continue to break it down which will hinder your progress in ways you probably weren’t expecting. So, if you’re lifting, give yourself a day’s break from the gym before going back.

Follow these tips and you’ll start to see results quicker, compelling you to push on and keep going until you’ve reached your goal.

The Complete Fitness Picture

Getting the body that you want can be a challenge, one that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. The key to building muscle and doing it well is to get your body into an anabolic state, during which the tissues will obtain energy for the purposes of muscle growth and maintenance. To get your body into an anabolic state you must first consume energy, and you’ll need a high input of calories in order to achieve this.

However, there are various techniques and tricks that you can use in order to get fit and healthy whilst building up muscle and developing the body that you’ve been dreaming of. From making sure you get a good night’s rest to using something like body supreme high performance creatine, let’s look at some of the best ways to build muscle quickly.


Naturally, eating the right foods is one of the best ways to get your body into the right mode for an intensive workout, and certain foods will cause your body to release natural growth hormones that help you to keep going and develop muscle. So you need to make sure that you’re consuming the right amount of calories whilst working to make sure that you’re getting plenty of carbohydrates, protein and good fats for a well-balanced diet that benefits you during your workout. The right foods will result in the release of natural muscle stimulants which will aid your body building.


Resting is one of the most important parts to building muscle but it is also the most frequently overlooked. If you don’t rest, your muscles can’t grow; it’s as simple as that. The intensive training acts as a stimulus for the body, and once the training is over the body is ‘broken down’ ready to be built up again the next time you train. Taking a day or two out of your week to have a break will be much more beneficial to you than intensive daily sessions.


Drinking enough water is one of the cornerstones of good health generally but it’s also the key to good fitness. If you allow yourself to become dehydrated then your muscles will suffer. Be sure to drink regularly and rehydrate your body after an intensive workout to really feel the benefits.


If you can afford to incorporate sports supplement powders into your fitness regime, by all means do so. There are various supplements that can be beneficial to those trying to build muscle in a short amount of time, including:

  • Creatine – Creatine is great for increasing the strength and power of your muscles whilst simultaneously aiding recovery and muscle growth.
  • Whey Protein – Gives you an efficient way to consume a large amount of protein in a single serving. It also has the benefit of being easily digested and is great for stimulating muscle growth
  • Glutamine – Enhances growth hormones and benefits muscle growth and recovery

You’ve heard about body supplements for athletes, but even regular fitness enthusiasts can use them to their own benefit. All that matters is that the supplements in question are both safe and natural. Make sure that you’re following these guidelines and you’ll be well on the way to fantastic fitness and an even more fantastic body.

Top 5 Great Corporate Christmas Gifts for 2014

Christmas is almost here and businesses all across the country will be making preparations. Corporate gift giving has become more and more popular over the years and this year is set to be the best yet, but it’s also the case that many businesses are wondering just what their gifts are going to be this year. There’s a huge amount of choice out there and everyone’s tastes are different; do you offer a bonus, set on a party for everyone, or really push the boat out and give your employees a gift to reward them for all of their hard work in the year prior.

Don’t worry too much; in the world of shopping there’s a huge amount of crowd pleasers that will be guaranteed to have everyone smiling this Christmas. Here are the top 5 best corporate Christmas gifts for 2014.

  1. Deluxe Gift Baskets

A deluxe gift basket is in many ways an ideal gift for corporations to bestow upon its employees. Why? One word: Diversity. A gift basket can contain whatever you so choose, from a variety of bath and shower products to the best quality food and drink. This sort of flexibility means that you can create a variety of gift baskets to suit all of your employees’ and their personal tastes and preferences.

  1. Portable Organisers

Sometimes the best gifts we receive during the holidays are the practical ones, the ones that help us to get on better in our daily lives. This is the age of the smartphone and the tablet, with almost everyone seeming to own at least one of these. Such tools are particularly useful for work purposes, so why not help your employees to get more organised with an elegant and stylish portable organiser? They can carry their phones and tablets inside it along with pens, credit cards and other important items.

  1. Sweet Hampers

The traditional sweet shop has been on the rise over the last few years, offering us all that warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia and memories of childhood. Like the gift basket, Christmas sweet hampers have become a firm favourite amongst businesses and corporations for their diversity and widespread appeal. Mix and match the best nostalgic sweets for a delightful and quirky corporate Christmas gift this tear.

  1. Alcohol

This can be a tricky one, but if expertly pulled off then it can also be a truly fantastic Christmas gift. Not all of your employees may drink and it’s important you take issues such as religion into account, but if the option presents no issues then everything should be fine. From fine wines and ports to specialist beers and ales, a well-chosen alcoholic gift can be a great way to put some sparkle into the holidays. For those that don’t drink, there are some great non-alcoholic alternatives that you can use so that no one gets left out.

  1. Accessories

There’s a reason why elegant accessories like pens and watches have become something of a tradition in corporate gift giving: it just works! Such gifts are practical and often very much appreciated, but they also include that luxurious element that leaves everyone feeling a bit more special. It may be a standard gift, but it’s proven time and time again to be a successful gift choice that people both enjoy and make use of in their working lives.

So there you have it, five tried and tested corporate gifts for employees to close out the year 2014. Show your employees how much you appreciate them with a thoughtful and luxurious gift this Christmas.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner now, but that doesn’t mean that people still aren’t looking for last minute gift ideas. Buying presents for all your friends and family can be a delight but it can also be a bit of a nightmare, especially if you have someone to buy for and no idea what to get them. Everyone has that one person that seems to have everything and it can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress and worrying. With the holiday so close, it’s time to stop panicking and remember that you still have plenty of choices.

BH_HAMPERS copyIt’s important to remember that Christmas is a time for togetherness and goodwill; the presents are a nice bonus but they’re not the be all and end all of the holiday either. Sometimes all you need to do is put a little bit of thought into what you’re doing and think outside of the box. You don’t always have to break the bank to find a present that the person you care about will love; they’ll appreciate the effort no matter what.

Nostalgia is the latest trend to sweep the gift industry, and with good reason. Every generation gets to a point where they become nostalgic for things in their past; this is precisely why we’ve been seeing so many toys and cartoons from the 80s being revived over the last decade or so. Naturally, this nostalgia craze has opened up a huge market for gifts of all kinds, from classic childhood toys to retro sweet gifts. You can’t move for gifts based on past trends these days, and there’s no sign of it letting up soon.

Sweets and chocolates are a Christmas staple; almost every house in the country will have cupboards groaning with food and drink in preparation for the big day and this will definitely include an array of sweet treats. Everyone has their favourites, and this can be a great opportunity for a unique and quirky gift. Sweets are particularly good as gifts for people you don’t see as frequently, such as distant family members and casual friends; they have a bit of luxury to them and are a crowd pleaser. All you have to do is look out for a  like Bah Humbugs, a small business based in North Yorkshire, the sweet capital of the UK. Once you’ve found a supplier you like the look of, you can start building up bespoke orders or buying the Christmas sweet hampers they have available. There’s a lot of variety on offer from places like this, all of which have been designed to suit different tastes and niches.

Boxes of sweets are a great last-minute Christmas gift and now is the time to start buying if you haven’t already. They’ll look great on the coffee table in your loved one’s homes and will keep everyone happy throughout the holiday season while they’re relaxing in front of the television and dozing off Christmas dinner. It’s quick, simple and inexpensive to boot, so why not give it a try this year?

Get involved in the Guardian and Observer Christmas Appeal

Each Christmas there is a concentrated effort to raise awareness for specific issues effecting people all across the country. This year, the Guardian and Observer Christmas Appeal will aim to raise money for nine UK charities, all of which specialise in awareness and resources for mental health.

The appeal has a wide range and encompasses nationwide charities along with smaller local groups. It’s been acknowledged that there are still several failings in the health industry when it comes to tackling mental health issues, from damagingly pervasive stereotypes to a worrying lack of resources and services for people suffering from mental illness. The appeal will be promoting awareness for the following charities:

  • Centre for Mental Health – an independent national charity that focuses on research, changes in policy and the provision of services for people of all ages that are experiencing mental health difficulties.
  • CoolTan Arts – Focuses on art and improving mental wellbeing through creativity. Offers workshops, advocacy training and a variety of creative projects.
  • Gardening Leave – This charity aims to help armed forces veterans combat their mental health issues through horticulture and gardening.
  • Kidstime Foundation – A charity that supports children and young people acting as carers to mentally ill parents and siblings and children affected by their parent or sibling’s mental illness.
  • MAC-UK – This charity works on eroding the stigma surrounding mental health in young people, the group that often needs the most help but receives the least in terms of resources and support.
  • Mind – A charity that offers support and advice for people suffering from mental illness.
  • Rethink Mental Illness – A membership organisation governed by people that live with and have lived through mental illness, the charity supports almost 60,000 people each year.
  • Samaritans – One of the best known charities in the UK, the Samaritans provide an around the clock service to help reduce suicides.
  • Star Wards – Focuses on improving the lives and therapeutic care of patients in mental health wards along with aiding staff and visitors.

If you want to get involved with the appeal this year and do your part for mental health, there are plenty of ways to raise money for such charities over the Christmas holidays. Aside from simply donating, you also have the opportunity to raise some awareness and extra cash yourself if you so choose.

For example, if you have access to some prizes and a community willing to take part, then why not put on a raffle in your town? There are always plenty of events going on across the country at this time of year and plenty of people are eager to do their bit; all you have to do is get some prizes and draw tickets together and start planning. A raffle is a great way to raise money for your chosen charity.

If you do decide to participate in the appeal, you might also consider getting customized raffle tickets in order to further raise awareness. It helps people to identify your cause and know what they’re donating money towards. It’s a quirky and interesting way to get people involved whilst doing something great for the community at large.